Backyard Project

Finished! Garden is going, grass is trying to grow.

Work on the backyard was one of the items that got cut from our renovation project because of budget issues, so we saved to do the necessary work for the first year we were here. And when we found out we were having babies, we knew we had to get it done or it might… Continue reading Backyard Project

The House, part 2

Here are some pictures of our house as it is today (sans baby items that are starting to take over everywhere). These make me realize how we never got around to painting anything differently than the way it started, except the nursery!            

The House

*I wrote this 6 months ago but never posted it for some reason? Post with completion pictures to follow… We began looking for a house in September 2010 but weren’t having luck. In May 2011, I found a post on Craigslist about a house being renovated down the street. It sounded promising, so we checked… Continue reading The House


Last Saturday, we went to the quarterly police bike auction (bike theft is apparently bad here), and we got bikes! Mine was $30 (but needs a number of parts), and Joel’s was $60 (doesn’t need any work). Unfortunately, we didn’t know you could get there an hour early to actually view the bikes before you… Continue reading Bikes!