Surprise surprise

Pesticides are bad. Are we surprised? Carrie posted a link to this article on her blog. The Pediatrics journal has done a study that linked exposure to pesticides to to kids having ADHD. I think people think I’m crazy if I say I suspect plastics and chemicals are what’s causing a lot of our disease […]

Memorial Day with a View

Lauren’s grandmother might have made a mistake getting me “Colorado Scrambles: Climbs Beyond the Beaten Path” this past Christmas. I’ve been staring at it since then, picking out lots of great climbs for us to do. Pick # 1 – Torreys Peak via Kelso Ridge Lauren and I left Denver Sunday afternoon and made the […]

Grand Canyon, part 3

I’m getting a little behind here, but what we woke up to at the North Rim was…snow! Surprise! We packed up quickly and headed out of there! The drive between the rims boasts some great sites. The Navajo Bridge has spectacular views over the Colorado River and surrounding cliffs. In the background of the photo […]