Garden Update

Here are a few pictures of our garden as of Friday, June 25. We’ve been harvesting a good bit of lettuce and spinach, along with herbs when we need them. I spent quite a while Friday morning destroying more than a dozen cabbage worms and probably thousands of their larvae. They are what has been… Continue reading Garden Update

Surprise surprise

Pesticides are bad. Are we surprised? Carrie posted a link to this article on her blog. The Pediatrics journal has done a study that linked exposure to pesticides to to kids having ADHD. I think people think I’m crazy if I say I suspect plastics and chemicals are what’s causing a lot of our disease… Continue reading Surprise surprise

Grand Canyon, part 3

I’m getting a little behind here, but what we woke up to at the North Rim was…snow! Surprise! We packed up quickly and headed out of there! The drive between the rims boasts some great sites. The Navajo Bridge has spectacular views over the Colorado River and surrounding cliffs. In the background of the photo… Continue reading Grand Canyon, part 3

Finally planted!

Our schedule finally worked together with warm weather, and all our plants are planted! We worked hard on Saturday (especially on taming that dumb soaker hose), but we got it done. I’m not sure if we’re able to skip of a day of watering here though…when we got back from camping yesterday, everything was horribly… Continue reading Finally planted!