We love renting!

Although we were sad to leave our old house, have I mentioned that we love not owning one right now? We were having a “little” trouble with the water from the washing machine and kitchen backing up into the downstairs bathtub (gross). What do we do? Call the landlords! Although they had just gotten home from Spain a few hours before, they called the plumbers right away. Zero dollars later, we were good to go!



  1. Congrats on renting! 🙂 By the way, your house is SO cute! Doug has already decided that we will live in a cute little house when (if?) we move back to the US.

  2. Hey Joel and LT,
    I love reading of all your adventures. We can certainly relate to the driving across the country / learning and exploring the new city part. Not so much the snow part however. Praying for you guys!

  3. Wow, I can relate to this. A few months ago, water that looked similar to this (but wreaked of chemicals) was backing up in our kitchen sink. We would turn the disposal on and it would all drain out. Then we’d come back a few minutes later, and it would be completely full again. We tried everything…Draino, plunger, snake. We were so afraid we’d just landed ourselves in a very expensive plumbing situation, but Michael had the foresight to ask neighbors if they were having problems. And they were! So it was on the condo community, not us personally. But it was strange, because what if Michael hadn’t thought to ask?! We would have never known, and instead spent $ on having a plumber come out to see what was up. The condo situation is very strange in that way. Anyway, this story is related somehow…

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