Annie & Marcus’s Wedding…late!

Our dear friends, Annie and Marcus, got married on July 7th. We thought we’d have babies by then and not be able to make it, but it all worked out! Despite some rain right up until time for the ceremony, everything worked out well for a beautiful wedding at Red Rocks Trading Post.    … Continue reading Annie & Marcus’s Wedding…late!

Month One

The first month went by pretty quickly! Our babies slept a whole lot the first week home, and it was great. We woke them every 3rd hour to feed them, and I hated my alarm every night. We quit setting the alarm after the first 10 days or so, and the sleep hasn’t come quite… Continue reading Month One

Baby Time!

Nearly a month later, I guess it’s high time we posted that we have babies! They were born about 20 minutes apart with Noah first and Luke second (born in the operating room, as is required for twins). It is a wonderful and challenging time so far! Here are some pictures from our first couple… Continue reading Baby Time!