Annie & Marcus’s Wedding…late!

Our dear friends, Annie and Marcus, got married on July 7th. We thought we’d have babies by then and not be able to make it, but it all worked out! Despite some rain right up until time for the ceremony, everything worked out well for a beautiful wedding at Red Rocks Trading Post.    … Continue reading Annie & Marcus’s Wedding…late!

Brittney’s Wedding

Here’s a round-up of some fun from Brittney’s wedding in June. It was such a privilege to be the matron of honor. Everything was beautiful, especially Brittney, and besides the intense heat, things pretty much went off without a hitch. We are SO happy for Brittney and Dupree…we just wish they would go for the… Continue reading Brittney’s Wedding

Mark & Joanna Tie the Knot

Last weekend was full of festivities around Mark and Joanna’s wedding. Mark and Joel were friends all through college and lived together for a while, and now they work together. We were so very excited for Mark when he found Joanna!  The wedding was at Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, and the reception was at… Continue reading Mark & Joanna Tie the Knot