Outer Banks

A couple of weeks ago, we met up with Joel’s family at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was Matt & Erin’s 10th anniversary, and they wanted their families to hit the beach together. Besides the shock of humidity, we had a great time. Here are some pictures from the trip. Early celebration of… Continue reading Outer Banks

Look what I got!

I can hardly believe my eyes, but here’s what I just got from our garden: a zucchini, two eggplants, and, wait for it, two tiny cherry tomatoes!! Our cherry tomato plants are loaded up with green ones, so we’re expecting a bounty. It’s fun to get the first ones.

Cukes are in

I’ve never been a fan of cucumbers, but they are on my list of things I decided to learn to like. It may not be possible to learn to like everything you dislike, but I can always try. Since cukes were on my list, we decided to plant one this year. The variety is called… Continue reading Cukes are in