The House

*I wrote this 6 months ago but never posted it for some reason? Post with completion pictures to follow… We began looking for a house in September 2010 but weren’t having luck. In May 2011, I found a post on Craigslist about a house being renovated down the street. It sounded promising, so we checked… Continue reading The House

Big Stuff

Due to our blog-slacking, we have not informed the internets of two big items in our life… 1. Trip to South America – After four years of saving money and miles, we finally got enough frequent flyer miles to go to Patagonia! We’re heading to Chile and Peru, so come next week, we’ll be in… Continue reading Big Stuff

The Drive

Since we’ve been here 2 weeks, it’s about time I posted! Here are a few pics from our drive here…more posts to come this week… What is this, Bonnaroo?? Nope, just a good ol’ race at the Kansas Motor Speedway. Tenopardgyse . Peta satelit dunia

Moving Out

And so it is…we’ve been moved out for a week. Packing was more stressful than I imagined, but we got it done (amidst frustration at how much stuff we apparently have). Tenopardgyse It’s sad to say goodbye to our house after all the work we (and my parents) have put into it, but the time… Continue reading Moving Out