The Many Looks of Joel

If you’ve been around Joel lately, you might have noticed his hair. The only scissors that had touched it since November were for the swoop trim featured in an earlier post. His hair really doesn’t bother me much, but it was driving him crazy.

joel hair long

After a few weeks of regularly asking if he set up an appointment, I finally offered to do the job for him…at his own risk. I don’t mean risk of danger (despite past injury) – just risk of unhappiness. He agreed, and we began. Well, we had a little fun first…

joel curly

…then a little more fun…

joel straight

Finally, we got on with the cut. I’m glad he can’t see my face, as it is often stricken with looks of horror after certain snips, but we had no disasters. His hair looks alright – not as good as a real haircut, but it will do for now!



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