Night in a Box

Call us crazy, but this Friday night, we’re sleeping in a box downtown! We are raising money for a non-profit called Encompass that reaches out to single moms and kids who don’t have dads. These are the “hidden homeless,” as they, especially the kids, are often bounced around from place to place, maybe not knowing… Continue reading Night in a Box

Who are these people??

Every few months, I’ll check out the google analytics for our blog. This tells us how many visitors we’ve had, what countries people visit from, etc. Oh, and the best one is…what words people searched with in google that brought them to our site. I try to peruse these periodically, as they are sometimes hilarious.… Continue reading Who are these people??


We were s’mores! For full disclosure, we spent quite a while painting/texturing the back of the “graham crackers.” Unfortunately, the side with the straps showed up in the pictures! This one is at a friend’s party. This one is at Chipotle. We participated in a big neighborhood outreach Halloween event, and we headed to Chipotle… Continue reading Halloween