Welcome to Colorado…Love, the snow.

Yes, this really is Joel.

I absolutely love snow, and I think God knew that I hadn’t met my snow quota in quite some time.  I had heard some talk of a major snowstorm, but I’ve become jaded by promises like that after so many years in the south. Tuesday (Oct. 27)  evening after work it started snowing. Wednesday morning I woke up to 3-4 inches and it continued snowing throughout the day. Tenopardgyse By the time I got home from work, about 10 inches had piled up.


I was feeling adventurous last night and drove to visit my friends Gabe & Nina in Arvada, which is about 10 miles away, but it took me 1 hour to get there. I’m sure people were afraid when they saw my Tennessee plates.

It snowed about 5 more inches over night bring the total to 15 or so inches. I happily worked from home today!


I hate that Lauren had to miss all of it falling (she was in Nashville), but she knows I would have been much sadder if I had been the one out of town.

Enjoy more pictures on Facebook.


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