Grand Canyon, part 1

First, if you are interested in doing a trip like this, be prepared to drive. A lot. I knew this was the case, so I signed Joel up for it. He’s a champ at distance driving.

When we arrived in the park, after 3+ hours of driving from Phoenix, I am proud to announce that Joel was in awe. I had hoped the Grand Canyon wouldn’t be built up too much for him, and thankfully it wasn’t. We stopped at the first viewpoint and took a picture of him.

Next, we hiked (walked) out to Shoshone Point, where there was a wedding about to begin. I hated that it was so windy for them, but I guess they knew it was a possibility.

We then set up camp. Joel is a dear for always blowing up my camping pad. I get light-headed at sea level when I blow things up, so I can’t imagine doing it at high altitude! (product advertisement: Big Agnes pads are great for side-sleepers)

We finally headed to Hopi Point for sunset.

I’ll make two more posts on this trip, but you can see all the pictures here.