Surprise surprise

Pesticides are bad. Are we surprised? Carrie posted a link to this article on her blog. The Pediatrics journal has done a study that linked exposure to pesticides to to kids having ADHD. I think people think I’m crazy if I say I suspect plastics and chemicals are what’s causing a lot of our disease […]

Bye Bye Quality Toys

If you haven’t heard of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, this could possibly induce weeping. It goes into effect on February 10, and it is sad. We all know about the recent scares with lead in toys from China. One would think that would make consumers more aware of what they’re buying; perhaps they […]

An “English Only” Nashville?

Nashville is currently holding a special election to decide if all metro government business should be conducted only in English (even though English is currently the official language of Tennessee). The second item to be voted upon is whether these (expensive) special elections could be held with only 1% of registered voters’ signatures (currently it’s […]