If you don’t live in the city, you may not be familiar with street sweeping. Once a month, our side of the street is “swept”, so we move our car to the other side. On the previous day, the other side is swept, so they move theirs to our side. This has gone pretty well,… Continue reading Unbelievable

Surprise surprise

Pesticides are bad. Are we surprised? Carrie posted a link to this article on her blog. The Pediatrics journal has done a study that linked exposure to pesticides to to kids having ADHD. I think people think I’m crazy if I say I suspect plastics and chemicals are what’s causing a lot of our disease… Continue reading Surprise surprise

Today is the day

Today is the day that the Consumer Product Safety Act goes into effect. I meant to update a while ago, but I got a response from Congresswoman Blackburn after writing (I’m sure she wrote it up herself just for me!). Highlights: “Though Congress enacted this legislation to prohibit unsafe consumer products from entering the stream… Continue reading Today is the day

An “English Only” Nashville?

Nashville is currently holding a special election to decide if all metro government business should be conducted only in English (even though English is currently the official language of Tennessee). The second item to be voted upon is whether these (expensive) special elections could be held with only 1% of registered voters’ signatures (currently it’s… Continue reading An “English Only” Nashville?