Finally planted!

Our schedule finally worked together with warm weather, and all our plants are planted! We worked hard on Saturday (especially on taming that dumb soaker hose), but we got it done. I’m not sure if we’re able to skip of a day of watering here though…when we got back from camping yesterday, everything was horribly droopy. They revived with some water thankfully.


  1. All that work (especially with the irrigation) is so worth it once it works, isn’t it? Your plants look great – thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve done couple of the soaker hoses and they never seem to stay where I’d like them. Looks like I need to stake them in place. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is battle. The guy at Home Depot suggested the large staples used for landscape cloth, but they didn’t work at all. Last year, we bought decent gauge copper wire and bent lengths of it over the hose, which worked somewhat. Trying to pin it down under our square foot lines seemed to work the best this year. Good luck!

  4. New soakers are the hardest to deal with. I always unwind them and lay them out in the sun for a couple of days before trying to put them where I want- it seems to help some. Raised beds do dry out faster than the ground…you may want to put some mulch between the plants you can (grass clippings, straw, etc.), especially if you’re going to be gone to keep the soil more evenly moist. Of course, it was also because your little plants weren’t established yet- pretty soon they will have larger roots to find all the moisture!

    Thanks for linking to the Tuesday Garden Party!

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