Garden Update

Here are a few pictures of our garden as of Friday, June 25. We’ve been harvesting a good bit of lettuce and spinach, along with herbs when we need them. I spent quite a while Friday morning destroying more than a dozen cabbage worms and probably thousands of their larvae. They are what has been eating holes in many of the plants leaves, especially the broccoli. Hopefully it’s better now!

This is the main bed and a smaller one. The potato is the center front, and it is exploding! I just hope there is actually a potato under all those leaves.

Our zucchini plant is getting massive as well.

Finally, this is the little bed in the back. Hopefully the two butternut squashes on the left will give us a bountiful harvest like last year. The back one was quite droopy Friday morning, but was looking good after I watered.


  1. Love your watering system… I do all mine by hand, ugh! I need to look into something like yours.

    The plants look terrific. My husband grew up outside of Denver, but I don’t think his family ever had a garden… who knew? Thanks for sharing.

    visiting from TGP

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