Month Five

Look at that…I’m behind. On with the fifth month. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with friends, although we missed our families! Other than that, we just enjoyed our time and even walked downtown and back one day for a little outing.

Brittney’s Wedding

Here’s a round-up of some fun from Brittney’s wedding in June. It was such a privilege to be the matron of honor. Everything was beautiful, especially Brittney, and besides the intense heat, things pretty much went off without a hitch. We are SO happy for Brittney and Dupree…we just wish they would go for the… Continue reading Brittney’s Wedding

Christmas Trip

We had a lovely week in Nashville/Birmingham to celebrate Christmas. We spent a couple of days in Nashville, a couple in Birmingham, and then a couple more in Nashville. We spent some good time with family and friends, but we missed Joel’s brother’s family and my cousins (we can thank the job I got laid… Continue reading Christmas Trip


We were s’mores! For full disclosure, we spent quite a while painting/texturing the back of the “graham crackers.” Unfortunately, the side with the straps showed up in the pictures! This one is at a friend’s party. This one is at Chipotle. We participated in a big neighborhood outreach Halloween event, and we headed to Chipotle… Continue reading Halloween