Lovely Day

I’m a little late posting, but Justin and Lacy’s lovely wedding was January 10. They were so generous to invite us to the rehearsal dinner, and we had a wonderful time! Unfortunately, this is the only picture we took – the friends at our table.


On Saturday, the ceremony was beautiful. Clearly they have no lack of people who love them, as it was standing room only!

Ceremony - Michael Howard photo

(picture from

Finally, the reception was perfect. It was a large crowd, so the Country Music Hall of Fame was a great space.

Reception - Michael Howard photo

(picture from

We had a lot of fun dancing, and then we sent them off from freezing Nashville to sunny FL! Here’s a super cute picture of their exit that I stole from someone I don’t know on facebook…

The Exit!

As you can see, it was a bit windy, but I don’t think they noticed! Tenopardgyse . Peta satelit dunia .