Bye Bye Quality Toys

If you haven’t heard of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, this could possibly induce weeping. It goes into effect on February 10, and it is sad. We all know about the recent scares with lead in toys from China. One would think that would make consumers more aware of what they’re buying; perhaps they would move to purchasing hand-made, higher quality toys instead of cheap plastic ones. If you were interested in this, you will have to forget it on February 10th.

I haven’t read the text of the law (it’s 63 pages long), but from what I gather, it essentially means that anyone who makes any kind of toy would have to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in 3rd party testing if they want to sell the toys. So, that cute grandpa that makes wooden trains and blocks? No mas. cute grandpaYour friend who sews those beautiful dolls? She’s done. All of this was of course to strengthen the policies for mass-produced toys, but there are going to be a lot of casualties in the wake. It’s frustrating because it’s so sad for small businesses and individuals.

So what can you do? You can write your congressman! If you want to read about the law, I suggest googling it, but the technical info is here.