An “English Only” Nashville?

Nashville is currently holding a special election to decide if all metro government business should be conducted only in English (even though English is currently the official language of Tennessee). The second item to be voted upon is whether these (expensive) special elections could be held with only 1% of registered voters’ signatures (currently it’s 10%).

Lauren and I usually don’t get involved with politics, but we felt as Christians, it was important to vote against this referendum. When we read about Jesus, we believe he included everyone. This referendum promotes exclusivity.

Thankfully other people are against it. A few weeks ago several heads of local universities spoke out against it.  In addition, our mayor, Karl Dean is against the referendum.

If you live in Davidson County and are registered to vote, you can early vote at Howard School downtown through January 17th. Regular voting takes place at your specified location on January 22nd.

We know a lot of people would like to exclude those from other countries from having access to public services, but we encourage you to base your decision on your faith. Passing this will not solve any immigration issues.