If you don’t live in the city, you may not be familiar with street sweeping. Once a month, our side of the street is “swept”, so we move our car to the other side. On the previous day, the other side is swept, so they move theirs to our side. This has gone pretty well, except for the 2 times we’ve gotten tickets. Oops. I won’t go into it, but one of them was not our fault!

Anyway, I went out to get the car last week on street sweeping day. Like a good girl, I had moved it to the other side. I noticed something under my windshield wiper, and to my shock, this is what I found:

1. This appears to be from one of the only neighbors on our block we have been unable to meet. We’ve made brief attempts, but he seemed to thwart us.

2. I believe he is incorrect in stating that we essentially have assigned parking places…on the street. Besides, our block always has plenty of parking.

3. Apparently our tax dollars reserve said parking place for us. Who knew?

4. I guess us parking there once created a “problem,” as described on the back of the note.

Overall, we were quite surprised to receive a note like this. It makes us sad for this person, as I guess he must be pretty unhappy to write a note like that. We probably won’t live in this house too much longer, but maybe we can build a bridge sometime.


  1. We have a neighbor like that. I think we told you about him. I can’t say I have made much stride in the bridge building though. Good luck. Can’t wait to see you guys again, our last visit was so short!

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