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Back at it and baby time

After a long hiatus from my little sewing projects (almost entirely due to the discovery of gardening), I finally got back at it. I cut out all the pieces for this pink ball back before gardening season hit, but I never got around to sewing it. Tenopardgyse . I knew I wanted to make a ball for Ethan and Carla, but pink wasn’t going to work. So, I finished the pink one and made the other one for them last week.IMG_1557

I went to Nashville this week for work stuff, and since Ethan and Carla’s baby, Eli, came early, I got to see him! Here is a picture stolen from Carla’s facebook (unfortunately the only time I remembered to take a picture was the one time he cried during the times I visited!). Needless to say, he is a very good baby…ok he was great while I was there, but I think he’s a little troublemaker at night. :) We hate to be away while he’s growing up, but we’ll be excited to see him when we visit.


Just makes you say “aww…”

One more thing – while in Nashville, I got to meet Brittney’s horse! I’m not much of an animal person, but I liked that one.IMG_1308

Welcome to Colorado…Love, the snow.

Yes, this really is Joel.

I absolutely love snow, and I think God knew that I hadn’t met my snow quota in quite some time.  I had heard some talk of a major snowstorm, but I’ve become jaded by promises like that after so many years in the south. Tuesday (Oct. 27)  evening after work it started snowing. Wednesday morning I woke up to 3-4 inches and it continued snowing throughout the day. Tenopardgyse By the time I got home from work, about 10 inches had piled up.


I was feeling adventurous last night and drove to visit my friends Gabe & Nina in Arvada, which is about 10 miles away, but it took me 1 hour to get there. I’m sure people were afraid when they saw my Tennessee plates.

It snowed about 5 more inches over night bring the total to 15 or so inches. I happily worked from home today!


I hate that Lauren had to miss all of it falling (she was in Nashville), but she knows I would have been much sadder if I had been the one out of town.

Enjoy more pictures on Facebook.

Quandary, no doubt!

Weekend before last, we ventured to Quandary Peak. We camped (in the 20s!!), and summitted Quandary Peak the next day. There was a lot of snow up on the mountain, and it was SUPER windy at the top. The best part was…no altitude sickness for me! After both of my bad experiences over the summer, this was a welcome respite. The old knee issue came back, but that was tolerable, because I made it to the top with no problem.









Last Saturday, we went to the quarterly police bike auction (bike theft is apparently bad here), and we got bikes! Mine was $30 (but needs a number of parts), and Joel’s was $60 (doesn’t need any work). Unfortunately, we didn’t know you could get there an hour early to actually view the bikes before you bought, but we’ll know if we go again. Joel rode to work 4 of 5 days this week, so that is great!


Other fun

This week, we’ve got nothing going on…but last week we did a few fun things. Joel’s old co-worker, Jonathan, and his wife Kristine came to Denver for the week, so we got to spend some time with them. Peta satelit dunia . Here are a few pictures from our trip to Silverthorne (outlet mall area that has a stream running through it) and back up to St Mary’s Glacier.





Also, we had a pumpkin carving party with Joel’s co-workers. Ours is the cute ghost in the top right. Tenopardgyse :)


Getting Settled

Everything went smoothly with moving in…well almost. Our box springs wouldn’t fit up the stairway, so we had to buy a “split” box springs (thank you big lots). Everything is good now though!  After we had been here a couple of days, my mom came out to help me (ok, she did all the work) modify our curtains for this house. Tenopardgyse . She made us wonderful curtains for our last house, and thankfully they work here, after all of her hard work! I’ll post house pics soon.

We only did one “fun” thing while Mom was here, in part because of curtains, but also because we had record-setting cold temperatures. Here are a few pictures from our hike to St Mary’s Glacier.

St. Mary's Glacier - yes, it's a small one!
St. Mary's Glacier - yes, it's a small one!
The lake
The lake
Mom & me
Mom & me
Joel & me
Joel & me

How lovely

We had a big surprise on Sunday – a huge going away party from our church friends and family! Courtney told us we were having a ‘youth worker’ lunch, but little did we know that she and Carla were instead planning a big potluck for us. Here’s the picture from when we walked in.


Our youth worker picture with the Santiagos was blurry, but here’s one with the original 6 (and Carla all cute and pregnant!). We’ll miss working with the youth, but they are of course in good hands with Joseph and Courtney.


And finally, here are a couple of pictures of all of our sweet friends and family who came to wish us well. We’re going to miss everyone!

church party

Peta satelit dunia

Garden Wrap-Up

Sadly, we had to leave our garden behind. We will miss that guy (and definitely wouldn’t have put all that $ into it if we knew we were moving!), but we’ll start a new one in Denver. Here’s a picture from a week or two ago when we were packing one day…and yes, the little marigold seedling exploded into a giant bush!


We also had…ahem…a few butternut squash. No one seemed too interested in them, so I forced my mom to take 2, and the rest of them are somewhere in America in a box on the moving truck. That’s right, we are paying to move these babies.


Moving Out

And so it is…we’ve been moved out for a week. Packing was more stressful than I imagined, but we got it done (amidst frustration at how much stuff we apparently have). Tenopardgyse It’s sad to say goodbye to our house after all the work we (and my parents) have put into it, but the time was right. Here are a few pictures of the process.

Joel getting started with the boxes


The majority of the boxes


The house is definitely sold, and there’s the moving truck!


Our sad, empty house.


We’ve had a lovely, relaxing week so far at my parents’ house, and we hit the road on Saturday!