Garden Wrap-Up

Sadly, we had to leave our garden behind. We will miss that guy (and definitely wouldn’t have put all that $ into it if we knew we were moving!), but we’ll start a new one in Denver. Here’s a picture from a week or two ago when we were packing one day…and yes, the little marigold seedling exploded into a giant bush!


We also had…ahem…a few butternut squash. No one seemed too interested in them, so I forced my mom to take 2, and the rest of them are somewhere in America in a box on the moving truck. That’s right, we are paying to move these babies.



  1. the last picture made me smile……..because I’m picturing Lauren’s face as she says “heck no we’re not leaving these behind!”

  2. You are so right! I spent too much time and sweat moving those dumb vines around so Joel could mow under them to leave all the fruits behind!

  3. I want a garden. I am done with apartment living and so ready for a garden. My bunnies will love it.

  4. Sheena, you are right. Your bunnies will love your garden…but you will then hate your bunnies! (at least that’s what I hear)

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