Big Stuff

Due to our blog-slacking, we have not informed the internets of two big items in our life…

1. Trip to South America – After four years of saving money and miles, we finally got enough frequent flyer miles to go to Patagonia! We’re heading to Chile and Peru, so come next week, we’ll be in the South American summer. We are super excited!

Our destination - Torres del Paine National Park (our pics won't look like this!)

2. House – It’s a long sordid tale, but after many many months, we finally closed on our crazy house. We bought it gutted, so it’s a ways from being inhabitable. One day we’ll move though, and we’ll have to post some pictures.

The front, in all its glory, back in May when we went under contract


The back a couple of weeks ago...yes the back has been ripped off for quite some time.

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