Night in a Box

Call us crazy, but this Friday night, we’re sleeping in a box downtown! We are raising money for a non-profit called Encompass that reaches out to single moms and kids who don’t have dads. These are the “hidden homeless,” as they, especially the kids, are often bounced around from place to place, maybe not knowing where they’ll stay from one night to the next.

There are so many single moms and fatherless kids in our community, and we want to provide the support they need as they deal with trials that many of us never faced. If you are able to support us at all, click this link. Most of all, please pray for us and this ministry! By the way, Joel said he’d give you a free  hug if you give more than $1.

PS – I’m doing the bookkeeping at Encompass now, in addition to volunteering, so we’re excited about it!