We have a club

It’s maybe a touch embarrassing since we weren’t out of town, but somehow we missed this baby in our garden:

Zucchini is terrible when it’s so huge, but I guess we’ll always miss a couple. On another note, I keep picking the cucumbers smaller and smaller. They have continued to be very seedy, and occasionally bites of them are bitter. I don’t know…I just saw a picture of them on the blog of the person I got the seedling from, and hers were enormous. I think I’ll email and ask!


  1. Sometimes the zucchini just blend in and we miss them too! I think there is a lot of zucchini bread in your future! 😀

  2. When I grew Lemon Cucumbers, I also had the experience of them having a lot of seeds inside. Picking them small is a great idea. As for the giant zukes, I remember an old Sunset magazine where someone had left some zukes to get really big, and he carved them and used them for Halloween decorations–they were really perfect for this!

  3. I just always save the big zucchinis (and yes, there always are some that get away…) for grating- just cut out the center spongy area with the seeds and grate the rest- perfect.

    Thanks for letting us be part of the “club” at the TGP!

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