When I got home yesterday, it looked stormy. That’s nothing new, because it looks stormy often, but it never rains. I didn’t think much about it until it started pouring…and then the hail came! Joel and I had been quite nervous about hailstorms after we first started our garden, knowing that any amount of hail could decimate the tender transplants. I worried while I watched, but I hoped that our hardy friends would stand up to it. Here was my one rash effort at protection to a tomato plant:

As far as I can tell, there was no harm to anything, since the hail was pretty small. I was sitting outside afterward and thought I’d take a few more garden pics. Here’s the main bed and a smaller one.

Notice the massive potato plant spilling onto the sidewalk above. We kind of made it do that, as it was eating two parsleys, a marigold, and a pepper! Here’s one of my earth box with thyme and sage that are flourishing…and oregano that is not.

I am not ashamed. This was once a cilantro plant:

And finally, here’s one of Joel as he was getting home from work after the storm. I was sitting on the front porch and snapped an awkward pic for ya.


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