Meat meat

I just read this article, and I thought I’d make a post about meat:

We eat meat. That said, we somewhat “carefully” eat meat. I do often wonder whether I should be allowed to eat meat at all, as I am not currently willing to slaughter it myself…and I don’t even want to cut up a chicken at this point. It seems reasonable that I should be willing to fully prepare most things I want to eat.

Anyway, my family gave up red meat maybe 10 years ago for health reasons, but I’ve generally eaten a lot of chicken and fish (fish production is a whole different issue!). We’ve reduced our chicken/fish consumption over the past couple of years as we’ve realized how good some other things are. Gardening helps us too. Everyone knows that meat not produced on a factory farm is more expensive, but we decided that such meat was the way to go (healthier, no antibiotics that might make me resistant to them, not killing the environment, etc.). So, to offset the increased cost of buying sustainably produced meat, we just eat less. It works well for us, and we stretch the meat further when possible.

I’ve been hearing more and more about “Meatless Mondays” and the massive impact it would make if everyone did it. It seems like a great idea!


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