Two weekends ago, we skiing at Steamboat Springs. A few college friends were coming in town, and we were able to stay with our friends Gabe and Nina. This was my first time at a “real” ski resort. Fancy place, fancy people. The slopes were great for me, as they have a number of runs that have minimal “sloping.”

Oh, an update: Right before Christmas, I went on snowboarding day #2. It was rough. I wasn’t giving up yet, but I did have a bruised tailbone for around a month afterward. Joel decided we should both go back to skiing, and I happily agreed. I bought some cheap skis on Craigslist and some boots on ebay, and I am set. I would have been miserable at Steamboat if I attempted to snowboard. Joel is still snowboarding, so I haven’t figured out if he really thought he would go back to skiing when he made his suggestion, or if he was just trying to make me feel better… Either way, I am a content green-level skier. The main reason I wanted to snowboard anyway was because I hate walking in ski boots. 🙂

Lee, Gabe, and Joel on the slopes
Us at a mid-mountain overlook
Notice the helmets - we highly recommend them!
Slightly blurry view from the condo. Did I mention that Gabe and Nina have access to an amazingly located condo?? (yes, that is the main gondola right there)

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  1. Skiing is way better than snowboarding, just ask my right arm! We’re going cross-country skiing next weekend….wish me luck.

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