Free Day at the Denver Zoo!

There are many things I love about my wife, one being her excellent ability to find deals! She informed me last week that Sunday was a free day at the Denver Zoo. Now that’s the kind of deal I can get behind. So on Sunday we, along with the rest of Denver and half-a-million parents pushing giant strollers descended upon the zoo.

Highlights included:

  • Seeing a snow leopard. I would have tried to touch its tail if Lauren hadn’t stopped me.
  • Seeing camels…even the sad one with the flopped over humps (see below).
  • Not pushing a giant stroller. Ha!
  • Walking a mile to and from our car because parking was crazy!
  • Not paying a dime!


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  1. You are so funny- there is a zoo in the middle of the park where we run in Lyon, and there is a huge area with deer (kind of a weird animal to have at the zoo, but anyway…) and Doug always talks about touching the deer antlers

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