What have we been up to lately? Well, we went camping a couple of weekends ago. We were supposed to hike the next day, but unfortunately, the 1991 book I got from the library didn’t come through for us. Instead, we came across Cheesman Lake. It was pretty but not so great when compared to a lot of what is out here. Curiously, there were a number of males fishing really close together. I’ve never seen anything like that before.



Oh, and yet another reason to disbelieve our car’s miles per gallon calculator (this was on a very long downhill)…would you love to get 79 mpg?


We had a big snow last weekend, so Joel of course made us go sledding. 🙂 Denver doesn’t quite have the hills that Nashville does, but we sure have the snow!


In other news, I went to Kansas City last week for 2 days. That was probably my last hurrah with UMPH, so on with my job search in Denver.