Lauren’s First Post – Who Knew?

I never dreamed I would be willing to use words to express myself on the internet (pictures are different). But…here I am. I guess I wanted an outlet to share things with people in a manner that doesn’t require anyone to respond if they aren’t interested. I do not consider myself to be creative, nor do I aspire to write creatively. My grammar is respectable, but I don’t generally think or write with cute things like metaphors (that was a simile, ok?). Because of my sarcasm, I may occasionally use the dreaded smiley face. I am also fond of the ellipsis and the dash.

Potential FAQs about this blog:

  • Will Joel ever write? Yes! (or so my busy husband says)
  • Does this indicate that you are pregnant and/or thinking about becoming so? Not at all (maybe I should say not in the slightest?).
  • Will you update more than this one post? That is the plan. You may know that Joel and I are internet masters, so it seems likely.
  • What will you write about? Hmm…common topics will probably include things like traveling, faith, ideas, deals, life changes. Those will probably change as well over time.