Monthly Archives: April 2009

Google Reader

Do you read a number of blogs? Do you have them in your favorites, or just go to them from history? Last year, Joel showed me this wonderful solution to blog reading: Google Reader.tour1 All you need is a google account (gmail or otherwise), and you are set. Google Reader allows you to paste the blog addresses in, and then it keeps them all in a list on the left. When one has a new post, it is bolded with the number of new posts in parentheses. Peta satelit dunia . You click the title, and it brings up the blog right there in the reader. The pictures show up, but you don’t see the blog background, extras, ads, etc. Every time you go to, it shows you if any of the blogs you follow are updated. If you want to go to the real blog, just click on the post. It’s that simple!

Personal Products

I’ve been thinking more and more lately about personal products. What is in that lotion that I’ve slathered on every day for the last 10 years? How much has been absorbed into my body? Would I eat it (heck no)? How long will it take that shampoo to biodegrade? You get the picture. I’m also trying to reduce reliance on commercial items like cleaning products.  I’ve switched to mostly natural products (except for those few items I have in large supply), but it can be a pricey endeavor. Today, I am excited, because I got this post in an email. I’m going to look into it a little more, and then hopefully try it.  How have we gotten so far that we don’t even realize that certain things are possible to make at home?

I also can’t wait to read some on that blog. We’re getting excited about our upcoming garden, so I’m sure it will be helpful.

Every once in a while

When traveling, you’re bound to have flight troubles every once in a while. This was my Wednesday. I got up at 4:30 to catch a flight to LaGuardia to do some work in New Jersey. Nothing is worse than getting up at 4:30 and finding out your flight is canceled on the way out the door! They put me on a later flight, which was, of course, delayed. I finally got there and rushed to the store to do my audit. The super nice manager stayed late with me, and I finished up in record time.

My flight wasn’t until 3:30 the next day (in case of flight/audit troubles), so I had a few hours to kill. I decided not to miss the chance for a quickie trip to NYC, so I went for it.

Did I mention I rented a car? Driving to NJ wasn’t bad, but driving back to the airport was a nightmare! My GPS is set on ‘no tolls’, but I didn’t know that every route into NYC has a toll. I guess it then goes for the lowest toll, which unfortunately must be the Lincoln Tunnel (I wondered why it was taking me south instead of north!). That’s right – I got directed straight into downtown. I was driving down 6th avenue when I looked around and noticed that I was the ONLY non-taxi within sight. Seriously? Am I really doing this? I didn’t have a choice. To make things a little harder, GPS doesn’t work very well in the middle of tall tall buildings. It was at least 1.5-2hrs before I finally turned in the car, and I was so glad to be out of there.

I still went into the city (again?) and had a few rushed hours running around here and there, but it was fun. I could have had more time had I predicted the inevitable delay on my flight home…I guess it’s just part of the game.

Alteration? Not exactly…

I would like to think that I just made an alteration to a garment, but I think that’s giving me a little too much credit. img_0673Ok, all I did was move the belt/sash loops up, but I felt somewhat accomplished. That’s not to say the seam ripper wasn’t employed multiple times. Peta satelit dunia What I learned this time: don’t adjust the stitch length if you don’t know what you’re doing. It apparently doesn’t just make a smaller stitch!

Mark & Joanna Tie the Knot

Last weekend was full of festivities around Mark and Joanna’s wedding. Mark and Joel were friends all through college and lived together for a while, and now they work together. We were so very excited for Mark when he found Joanna! 


The wedding was at Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, and the reception was at the Cannery Ballroom downtown. Joanna’s family all played for a while at the reception, followed by much (and some very interesting!) dancing by all of us. 





Here’s one more picture I stole from Ayesha’s facebook. See more of our pictures at our website. As you can see, it was a lovely wedding! 3067_586258032088_4704297_34890783_6091641_n Peta satelit dunia .