Dear Verizon,

I have two things to share with you:

1. Thank you for the $60 credit you gave us the last two months. I really appreciated the $26 bill. I wasn’t sure what it was for, but I was unsure (ethically) if I should ask you or not. Now that my bill is back to normal, I understand it was a promotional credit.

2. Please make a smaller plan. This month, we only used 190 of our 700 minutes, so that would be very helpful to us and perhaps other non-phonelovers.




  1. Wow! This happened to me too… I haven’t had to pay anything in several months. I actually called while we were there in December and they let me reduce my plan to an “over the phone special offer” of $19 a month… maybe you could try calling?

  2. no that was just for my phone. I disactivated it from Sept-Dec, and then I used it while we were home for Jessi’s wedding, then I disactivated it for 3 more months (Jan-March), but they wouldn’t let me go beyond 3 months, so I reduced the contract after that. He told me the $19 a month plan is one that you can only get over the phone, not in stores.

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