Lauren Takes a Stab at Crafts

Don’t rub your eyes; it’s true. I got one of these puppies for Christmas:

Janome tb-30It’s the Janome Threadbanger 30, and I’m really liking it so far. I definitely didn’t think I’d want a sewing machine…maybe ever…but here I am. I found out after we got it that there is a website called Threadbanger where they have all these videos, etc. about sewing, and that’s what this machine is named after.  Here’s the interesting part – you don’t have to use the pedal! if you can see that button that is kind of green near the needle, you just press it to start or stop sewing. I have a long way to go, but it’s good so far.

I got a remnant of a gorgeous (ha) pink stripe at Textile, and a few ripped seams later, I have two brand new grocery bags. By the way, reusable grocery bags are the only way to go! Anyway, here are pictures. I laid our cordless phone on them so you could see that they’re pretty spacious.

Bag #1:

Bag 1

I bought the pattern, and it was very detailed for beginners. It’s unlined but has a facing and a sweet pocket. It actually went pretty well!

Bag #2:

Bag 2I got this pattern free from a site called The directions were not amazing, but I made it through (liberal use of seam ripper). It is supposed to fold into a pouch on the inside, but it doesn’t fit. It’s also unlined, but the pattern has you leave the overcast edges raw…not pretty! I found more directions to add a bias tape all around, so it looks a lot better.

Tips for next time:

1. Work on posture – it’s so easy to slump over!

2. Work on making seams with 5/8″ seam allowance straight…I am ok at the small seam allowances, but super crooked on the big ones.

If this totally bores you (as it would have me a few months ago), you probably didn’t read this far. However, if you were interested or somehow read this far for any other reason, I’m sure I’ll have some super exciting posts about future projects…in the future.

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