Babies Update

We haven’t been doing too much lately that is picture worthy (at least me sitting on the couch doesn’t seem too exciting), so I thought I’d post an update on the kiddies, size-wise at least. And I’m sitting down because my feet are tired, and I’ve apparently run out of other things to do on the internet.

Baby A – 1lb, 13oz

Baby B – 1lb, 8oz

That’s as of our appointment on Thursday. Everything is looking good so far, so we feel very blessed (I’m hitting 25 weeks this weekend). We’ve been working on nursery stuff as well as our back yard, so I’ll have pictures of those at some point. Also, we do have some ultrasound pictures, but I can’t tell what 90% of them are supposed to show (oh, there’s his hand in front of his face! oh really? I can’t see that at all. All I can see is more blurry stuff!).