Anybody there?

Hello, is anybody there? Probably not, because I surely haven’t been here. Things haven’t been too interesting lately, and we haven’t taken many pictures, hence the lack of blog posts. Here is some new info for us.

1. I got a new job! I’m doing accounting at Save Our Youth, where Joel and I are mentors. It’s a great organization, and the job seems like a great fit for me, so I feel very blessed that the timing worked out perfectly.

2. We skied a lot before Christmas, and we’ve been a few times since then. I’ve improved this year, so it’s been more enjoyable. Oddly enough, we have been nearly a dozen times, and not a single day was just the two of us. We’ve had lots of skiing time with friends from in town and out of town (sadly few pictures–our camera died). Here is us with Kyle and Steph at Keystone.

3. We’ve had a few fun snowshoeing adventures. Here is a picture of Lewis and Vanessa eating lunch when we snowshoed near Loveland Ski Area. Following are pictures of us at Rocky Mountain National Park (we got a new camera!).


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