Nashville fun

We had a wonderful trip to Nashville around Labor Day. The weather was shockingly not hot which was such a blessing. We were hit with the humidity when we exited the airport, but it didn’t bother us again. During the trip, we were quite busy, but we had a great time visiting with family and friends. The highlights were Mandy’s wedding, seeing Joseph and Courtney’s new baby, having meals with my family, meeting up with Joel’s parents in Huntsville, going to Waverly to see Grandmommy, and├é┬ávisiting with the Fykes, Baxters, Huffards, Otts, Allyson, Dave, Brittney, and Joel’s old coworkers.

Joseph and Courtney with baby Noland:

Us with Noland:

Mom with Noland:

The Huffards:

Joel holding sleeping Noland in the sheep they received as a gift…I think it was called something like a Pillow Pal, and apparently they’re fancy?

Us in Huntsville at Monte Sano State Park with Joel’s parents (there wasn’t anyone to take a group shot):

Hiking with my parents at Radnor Lake:

We can’t wait for another visit!

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