Birthday Clubs Might Change Your…

Week. Your birthday week, that is.

I love birthday clubs. Maybe you should too. Here are some of the free things I’ve gotten in the last couple of weeks:

-Free ice cream w/ mix-in at Coldstone Creamery

-Free scoop at Ben & Jerry’s

-Free scoop at Baskin Robbins

-$10 gift coupon to World Market

-Free entree at Kona Grill

-Free bowl at Genghis Grill (closest one to Denver is 4 hours away!)

-20% off coupon at Ten Thousand Villages

-Free chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot

-Free drink at Starbucks

-$10 off of $50 at

I won’t be using the Melting Pot or Godiva ones (or of course Genghis Grill), but hopefully I’ll use the rest of them that I haven’t already. Happy birthday to me! (almost)