Babies…it’s not what you think

So there’s a movie coming out called Babies. I didn’t think too much of it…until I saw the trailer! The movie chronicles the first year or so (?) of 4 babies in 4 places: San Francisco, Tokyo, Mongolia, and Namibia. This is a great opportunity to see into the lives of people in those places…and I love to learn about other places/cultures! Seriously, please watch this trailer (2:26 min). It is pretty great. I thought this link would be directly to the trailer, but just click “Watch the Trailer” when you get there.

Check out this picture of the baby in Namibia.

I found out about this movie through Bzzagent, a program that occasionally lets me sample products. I had no intention of actually blogging about this until I saw that trailer and got excited about it! If they give me access to any other content I deem worthy of posting, I’ll do it.


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