Fancy times

Just kidding. Two weekends ago, we headed to the Aspen area (fancy) to ski with my cousin Lea. As all hotel rooms in Aspen are $3-400+, we stayed at the Days Inn in Carbondale. To make the most of our time, we wanted to hit some local hot springs while we were there. Penny Hot Springs = disappointment. Here  you can tell just how crazy-deep it was…

We talked to our friend at the Days Inn, and he told us about another natural hot springs. Funny enough, it was right across the river from the Glenwood Hot Springs, which is a big swimming pool with hot water for $13.50/person. This one was great. Joel bravely worked himself in first and swirled the hot and cold water around for us.

The next day, we headed to Buttermilk and spent a lovely day skiing with my cousin. We really liked Buttermilk!

On a sad note, we drove all the way to Keystone on Saturday. We were in line to get on the gondola when the scanner-lady told us our particular tickets were blacked out that day. They would do nothing for us, even though the pass said nothing about black-out dates, and the sales person didn’t mention it to us. Ugh. So, we got to drive back home through the snowstorm for an unfortunately wasted day.


  1. darn those black out dates. you should’ve started a mini protest at the gondola.

    Joel – wearing the hat in the spring……classic

  2. Hey Wife…I didn’t give you permission to use my half-naked pics! Now the world knows how white and skinny I really am.

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