I made my stab at snowboarding over the weekend. Our friend Megan was nice enough to loan me her gear while she learns to telemark ski, so that was very helpful. However, just having gear doesn’t guarantee anything! We went to Loveland Ski Area, and I took a lesson while Joel snowboarded. The lesson was very helpful, but it will take a good bit more work before I am anywhere near comfortable riding. I think I fell on my knees about a million times, so they, along with most of my body, were feeling a little rough afterward.

Here is a word to the wise: When you are doing anything at a high altitude, be sure to drink PLENTY of water, and take ibuprofen in the morning if you are prone to altitude sickness. After my ├é┬álesson, Joel and I were eating lunch. I started to feel funny, and then I told him I was going to black out. And that I did. It was the weirdest experience: I felt like I was dreaming for a little while, and then Joel and two other people touched me, and I woke up (still sitting in my chair). A patroller took me down to the first aid area, and they asked me a bunch of questions. All we could figure was that I didn’t drink enough water, because I felt fine otherwise. Later, Joel and I realized I didn’t take any ibuprofen in the morning (which has seemed to help my altitude problems), so that may have been part of it also. So, what’s the moral of the story? Remember that high altitudes aren’t the same as low ones! I’ll have to wait for another weekend to try my hand (feet?) at snowboarding again…

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  1. Wow, blacking out while still erect…that’s almost creepy.

    Great blog, by the way. I didn’t even know you guys had this until today. And since I finally discovered Google Reader, I can easily follow your adventures now!

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