We went to see Sin Nombre last night. Due to content, this is not a movie we would generally go see, but we decided that we should since the subject matter is so pertinent to today’s world. The main character is a member of the La Mara gang in Mexico. Through a series of hard-to-watch events, he becomes involved with a family immigrating to the US from Honduras.

The most difficult parts of the movie were those involving the gang. Granted, it’s a movie, not a documentary, but it’s hard to fathom that people live that lifestyle. However, it’s also hard to imagine how you couldn’t get caught up in it if you were raised in certain situations. I’m sure the movie would fuel the fire of those who consider our southern neighbors “those people,” but it shows us two other things: 1. Peta satelit dunia Why people want to leave and 2. The horrible journey they are willing to undertake to leave. The movie was very difficult to watch, and perhaps depressing, but I’m grateful for the insights we gained.

There are two things I recommend to learn a little about the painful immigration journey:

1. “Mexico’s Other Border” from the February 2008 National Geographic

2. “Wetback – the Undocumented Documentary” – also by National Geographic (available through netflix)

Some of the information in these overlaps, but they are very eye-opening.