Pins & Needles

I have somewhat successfully completed the construction of a giant pincushion. I knew it would be large, but I was still surprised. In the picture below, I set a pen beside it so you can see the sheer enormity.


It’s not anywhere near as cute as the original, but at least you can tell what it is!


What did I learn this time?

1. Sewing in a circle is hard. I’m not sure how they got the top of the one pictured to be so flat. However, I do think photography skills can help.

2. I have a terrible problem with not thinking through things before I do them…seam ripper anyone?

3. I learned how to hand-sew. Well, I at least hand-sewed. Peta satelit dunia . I’m not sure if I even approached a proper method.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll come up with a new project soon. If you want to make your own giant pincushion, see


  1. Ha ha – yes I do know! But unfortunately I won’t be able to make any until it’s cold again. The second time I made them, it was slightly too hot in the kitchen, and it did not go well!

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