Breckenridge – first trip

We made it through our first trip with babies! Joel’s office had a work retreat in Breckenridge, and families were invited. We spent 4 nights in a 3-bedroom condo with two other coworkers…and honestly the nights were a little stressful trying to keep the boys quiet, not to mention having them in our room (they moved out of our room at home at about 5 weeks old). But we had a good time walking around Breckenridge and eating. We were probably a week past the peak of the leaves turning, but it was still beautiful!

I’ll let you guess which one of us did the posing in the pictures of the boys below, despite Luke’s dismay.

DSC03325 DSC03332    Fotor010229290 Fotor0102292947DSC03334DSC03333DSC03344