Torres del Paine National Park, Day 4

We departed Los Cuernos on Christmas morning, hiking along the beautiful Lago Nordenskjöld.

Then came the most I’ve ever sweated on Christmas Day! Our hike took us from Los Cuernos to Campamento Las Torres (the right/east tip of the W), and much of the day’s hike was through very open areas with no shade. Each day involved more mileage than I am used to, especially with a pack, but this day made me the weakest because of the heat.

We were heading to Campamento Las Torres, but we passed through the Chileno refugio area on the way. I was glad we weren’t camping there, as it was quite dirty and smelly…

Certain portions of the trail can be done on horseback, and this is apparently a popular area to stop with a horse. We finally made it up to Campamento Las Torres, which for a free camping area, was thankfully not as dirty or crowded as Campamento Italiano.