Torres del Paine National Park, Day 2

Day 2 took us down the left/west side of the W and part way up the middle section.

We left Glacier Grey in the morning (it really looks never-ending)

and hiked back to where we started the day before at Paine Grande/Lago Pehoe. It is really beautiful there, but our plan did not allow us to stay there for the night. They have a little store at the refugio where we bought some not great bread to eat with the Nutella we brought. Having a treat like Nutella is a great motivator!

Note to future hikers: Bringing something to put over your hair is essential because it’s pretty windy there (not to mention inevitable dirty hair).

We moved on from Lago Pehoe toward the middle of the W and stopped at busy Campamento Italiano for the night (free with a rudimentary restroom that was locked until 6pm or so). We had heard rumors of rats there, but thankfully we didn’t see any! It was a very crowded camping area, and we got to hear some interesting singing from one of the larger groups of Israelis on the trail, as it was the beginning of Shabbat (TDP is extremely popular for Israelis traveling after completing their compulsory post-high school military service).

The camping area is all dirt: