Puerto Natales, Chile


One of the two towns used to access Torres del Paine National Park is Puerto Natales. That was our first spend-the-night destination, and we thought it best to stay a couple of days post-travel before beginning our trek. It’s small and pretty touristy, but it was an enjoyable town with some good food and all the supplies you need. There’s a modern grocery, other small food shops, many outdoor gear stores (with fuel for your stove), internet cafes, and even a jumbled little electronics shop that carries inexpensive plug adaptors for those who forgot theirs (oops!).


Puerto Natales is right on the water:


Movie in the park starts late at the end of the world…it was 10PM and they were still waiting for dark!


We had some wonderful food. Please note that the “hamburguesa completa” is muuch larger than it appears!

Stray dogs are very common in South America, but I think Puerto Natales may have won per capita.

Typical street in Puerto Natales: