Oops…where have I been?

I have been slacking on blogging lately! Here are a few updates on life:

-I did not get the job. 🙁  They said it was a really tough decision, but in the end, they just picked the person with 15 years experience. I can’t really do anything about that one, so the search continues.

-I went to Orlando last week for a few days (thanks to a free ticket from Uncle Gene!). Despite the weather (no short sleeves needed), it was great to see my family (and I would say relax, but let’s be honest; I don’t have a job).

-We are working on our garden beds. Most of my seeds have sprouted, and I will try to take pictures of the beds and the seedlings soon.

-We’ve been skiing some more. I’m making slow improvements…I might even consider myself an intermediate beginner! Joel is getting fancier every week on his snowboard.

-I should blog about this sometime, but we are having fun mentoring a couple of kids through Save Our Youth. God planted in my heart a while ago that something one-on-one (like mentoring) was what we needed to do, so we are doing it!

-In keeping with “March is the snowiest month” we may get a foot of snow tonight! Crazy!

-We are blessed. One thing after another keeps falling into place, and we see God’s blessings every day. We are growing in Him, and He continues to lead us. It is a great place to be!