Beaune, France

Joel with bikeThe next stop on our European adventure was Beaune, France, a small city in the Burgundy region. We arrived quite late due to train troubles, but our lovely hosts (couchsurfing again) were kind and picked us up at the train station. We enjoyed getting to know them while we were there, and they were very gracious!

In the morning, we walked around they city for a while, had a croissant or two, and then rented bikes to head for the vineyards. We rode to a few small towns and generally had a lovely time. However, in an unprecedented move, my allergies were horrible, which took away from the trip. That’s ok though – we still had a great time.


That afternoon, we went to Hôtel-Dieu, an old hospice for which the city is famous. We took the girl we stayed with out to eat at a genuine Burgundian restaurant that night. Burgundy is very famous for its food, with Beef Bourguignon being one of the most famous dishes. Honestly, the food didn’t really do it for us. It’s pretty heavy fare. We enjoyed the experience though.

Before we left on Saturday, we went to the market. Beaune has a fabulous Saturday market, and it was fun to see all the local food, gifts, etc. I love our markets here in town, but theirs beats it for sure! Finally, our hosts fixed us a lovely lunch, which was apparently supposed to be dinner the night we got in so late. All in all, we enjoyed our stay there, but we probably won’t visit again. Peta satelit dunia . The average tourist was an affluent wine connoisseur about twice our age, so it wasn’t really our thing. We had a nice time though, and we have determined that we should always plan a similar relaxing/non-city stop on any future whirlwind trips.

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