When I got home yesterday, it looked stormy. That’s nothing new, because it looks stormy often, but it never rains. I didn’t think much about it until it started pouring…and then the hail came! Joel and I had been quite nervous about hailstorms after we first started our garden, knowing that any amount of hail… Continue reading Hail!

We have a club

It’s maybe a touch embarrassing since we weren’t out of town, but somehow we missed this baby in our garden: Zucchini is terrible when it’s so huge, but I guess we’ll always miss a couple. On another note, I keep picking the cucumbers smaller and smaller. They have continued to be very seedy, and occasionally… Continue reading We have a club

Look what I got!

I can hardly believe my eyes, but here’s what I just got from our garden: a zucchini, two eggplants, and, wait for it, two tiny cherry tomatoes!! Our cherry tomato plants are loaded up with green ones, so we’re expecting a bounty. It’s fun to get the first ones.

Cukes are in

I’ve never been a fan of cucumbers, but they are on my list of things I decided to learn to like. It may not be possible to learn to like everything you dislike, but I can always try. Since cukes were on my list, we decided to plant one this year. The variety is called… Continue reading Cukes are in

Garden Update

Here are a few pictures of our garden as of Friday, June 25. We’ve been harvesting a good bit of lettuce and spinach, along with herbs when we need them. I spent quite a while Friday morning destroying more than a dozen cabbage worms and probably thousands of their larvae. They are what has been… Continue reading Garden Update