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We won, we won! Kind of…

When I posted here about entering the Chipotle costume contest, I didn’t expect to hear anything from them. I couldn’t believe it when I got an email today saying we were “runner runner-ups!” There was 1 grand prize ($2500), 5 runners up ($1000), and 20 of us who get a burrito party for 20! I don’t know their criteria for selecting folks, but it doesn’t matter to us. :)

Here’s the link showing all the winners on their website: http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/fan-antics/boorito/boorito_winners.aspx


If you don’t live in the city, you may not be familiar with street sweeping. Once a month, our side of the street is “swept”, so we move our car to the other side. On the previous day, the other side is swept, so they move theirs to our side. This has gone pretty well, except for the 2 times we’ve gotten tickets. Oops. I won’t go into it, but one of them was not our fault!

Anyway, I went out to get the car last week on street sweeping day. Like a good girl, I had moved it to the other side. I noticed something under my windshield wiper, and to my shock, this is what I found:

1. This appears to be from one of the only neighbors on our block we have been unable to meet. We’ve made brief attempts, but he seemed to thwart us.

2. I believe he is incorrect in stating that we essentially have assigned parking places…on the street. Besides, our block always has plenty of parking.

3. Apparently our tax dollars reserve said parking place for us. Who knew?

4. I guess us parking there once created a “problem,” as described on the back of the note.

Overall, we were quite surprised to receive a note like this. It makes us sad for this person, as I guess he must be pretty unhappy to write a note like that. We probably won’t live in this house too much longer, but maybe we can build a bridge sometime.

Surprise surprise

Pesticides are bad. Are we surprised? Carrie posted a link to this article on her blog. The Pediatrics journal has done a study that linked exposure to pesticides to to kids having ADHD. I think people think I’m crazy if I say I suspect plastics and chemicals are what’s causing a lot of our disease and cancer, but maybe it’s true after all.


Part-Time Management Position

A couple of weeks ago, I received this in the mail:


Let’s go through the warnings exhibited here.

1. It was written in all caps. (who does that?)

2. It was an unsolicited postcard from someone in Nashville to my address that is obviously in Denver about a “job.”

3. It’s signed “M.C. Foster” – so I can’t look him up online

4. There is no company name…scam perhaps??

Overall, there is nothing looking positive about this…except perhaps a future blog post. I called him (I have lots of time on my hands). Here are some of the highlights of this amazing opportunity:

-We help save everyone money.

-His son quit his job and moved to TN to help him with this business.

-You are paid daily, can get a bonus weekly.

-There is a conference in Plano, TX in June. 2000-3000 people. Most are women, some making 6-7 figures. (hmm…)

-You can have your own website…up to 8 websites!! (all my dreams are coming true)

-He and his son can help me with 3 way calls if I need help. (awesome.)

So, you may be wondering, what is this company about? At this point in the call, I still had no idea. He labored through giving me a web address to look up his son’s website, and then he told me about an exciting phone call where they would tell me everything they do in 15 minutes. Oh boy. I looked up the website, and it looks like you sell some kind of discount plan to people…and apparently try to get others hooked into selling because you get a cut of their revenue. This was obvious because he said he bought a list that had my name on it. Great.

Needless to say, I am still unemployed.

Today is the day

Today is the day that the Consumer Product Safety Act goes into effect. I meant to update a while ago, but I got a response from Congresswoman Blackburn after writing (I’m sure she wrote it up herself just for me!).

“Though Congress enacted this legislation to prohibit unsafe consumer products from entering the stream of commerce, the bill has also introduced a string of unintended consequences that may impact small law-abiding businesses. After hearing your concerns I contacted the CPSC on your behalf [my behalf??!] and demanded further clarification on how this law will be enforced. What I learned from the CPSC is encouraging for small business owners in the consignment or second-hand goods retail business. According to the CPSC, Sellers of used children’s products, such as thrift stores and consignment stores, are not required to certify that those products meet the new lead limits, phthalates standard or new toy standards.”

So, it looks like there are no breaks for the cute grandads and their trains, but I bet the enforcers of this law (whoever they may be) will not be too worried about them. We’ll see…

Bye Bye Quality Toys

If you haven’t heard of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, this could possibly induce weeping. It goes into effect on February 10, and it is sad. We all know about the recent scares with lead in toys from China. One would think that would make consumers more aware of what they’re buying; perhaps they would move to purchasing hand-made, higher quality toys instead of cheap plastic ones. If you were interested in this, you will have to forget it on February 10th.

I haven’t read the text of the law (it’s 63 pages long), but from what I gather, it essentially means that anyone who makes any kind of toy would have to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in 3rd party testing if they want to sell the toys. So, that cute grandpa that makes wooden trains and blocks? No mas. cute grandpaYour friend who sews those beautiful dolls? She’s done. All of this was of course to strengthen the policies for mass-produced toys, but there are going to be a lot of casualties in the wake. It’s frustrating because it’s so sad for small businesses and individuals.

So what can you do? You can write your congressman! If you want to read about the law, I suggest googling it, but the technical info is here.

An “English Only” Nashville?

Nashville is currently holding a special election to decide if all metro government business should be conducted only in English (even though English is currently the official language of Tennessee). The second item to be voted upon is whether these (expensive) special elections could be held with only 1% of registered voters’ signatures (currently it’s 10%).

Lauren and I usually don’t get involved with politics, but we felt as Christians, it was important to vote against this referendum. When we read about Jesus, we believe he included everyone. This referendum promotes exclusivity.

Thankfully other people are against it. A few weeks ago several heads of local universities spoke out against it.  In addition, our mayor, Karl Dean is against the referendum.

If you live in Davidson County and are registered to vote, you can early vote at Howard School downtown through January 17th. Regular voting takes place at your specified location on January 22nd.

We know a lot of people would like to exclude those from other countries from having access to public services, but we encourage you to base your decision on your faith. Passing this will not solve any immigration issues.